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Global Pioneer and Leader in Educational Robotics

Abilix became the world’s first educational robotics brand when it was founded by robotics genius and pioneer Dr. Weimin Yun in 1996. Since then, it has emerged as the global leader in the field, creating over 120 unique educational robots that are being used in over 50 countries for teaching, scientific applications, and competitions. Abilix vision - to give every child the opportunity to experience and learn from the incredible world of educational robotics.

This year, Abilix launched Robotics U, it’s first North American line of educational robotics products. These unique, accessible and interactive kits entice kids and parents into the world of robotics through a variety of fun, entertaining robotic builds, games and activities. Each is designed to teach children the basic robotics and programming skills needed to better prepare them for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers and interests. 

"Our intention is to help parents and kids understand and connect with the emerging world of robotics. If we can better prepare your kids for what’s to come, we’ve accomplished our mission."